June 2010

Greetings Child Care Providers:

The Department of Human Sciences at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff appreciates the services that you provide for children. The Human Sciences researchers are especially enthusiastic as they are working on a project that has yet to be explored in Arkansas titled, “Predictors of Quality in Early Childhood Programs in Southeast Arkansas.” The overall objective of the survey is to learn what child care providers, teachers and parents in Southeast Arkansas consider to be quality when looking at programs for young children. Also, the researchers will provide assistance to those administrators who indicate a need for improvement and would like information on how to enhance their programs.

What the researchers are doing:
(1) Contacting licensed child care facilities in Southeast Arkansas for participation in this project;

(2) Requesting that directors, teachers, and parents complete the online survey to rate their programs on quality;

(3) Requesting that the program directors grant permission for the researchers to visit the center or day care family home to collect data. (This and all survey information will be used only for this project, and no individual’s or program’s information will be shared with any other person or organization outside of this project); and

(4) Comparing survey responses with results from on-site evaluations.

(5) Information from all surveys and rating scales will be used to determine indicators of quality of early childhood programs in Southeast Arkansas.

(6) Informational sessions will be scheduled by the researchers for the purpose of providing all relevant information to those programs interested in exploring the highest level of quality. Those standards to be presented include the new Arkansas Better Beginnings (revised Quality Approval/Accreditation for the State with incentive grants) and/or national accreditation.

Thank you for your previous participation with mailed surveys. The online survey was developed to minimize the efforts you, your staff, and your parents would have to put forth in assisting us.

You will be directed to the appropriate survey based on your response to questions on the consent form. The researchers request approximately five (5) of your parents, all of your teachers, and the center director to complete a copy of the online survey by September 30, 2010.

Your assistance with this project is greatly appreciated. As a token of our appreciation, each survey participant will receive a gift. Gifts will be forwarded to program directors for dissemination to participants. If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs. Debra W. Jefferson at (870) 575-8809 and/or Dr. Janette R. Wheat at (870) 575-8808. Our fax number is (870) 575-4684.


Janette R. Wheat, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
E-mail: wheatj@uapb.edu

Debra W. Jefferson, M.S.
Research Assistant
E-mail: jeffersond@uapb.edu

Please contact wheatj@uapb.edu or jeffersond@uapb.edu if you have any questions regarding this survey.
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